Book Party Hall in Malleswaram Bangalore - GM Rejoyz

Book Party Hall in Malleswaram Bangalore – GM Rejoyz

Tired of making all arrangements for an Event?

Not a hassle, as we offer end-to-end packages along with our venue with all kinds of services so that you just choose, and we plan everything accordingly.

Our Party Halls are the best for all kinds of events. We provide specialized packages for Weddings, Receptions, Engagement, Naming Ceremony, Birthday Party, etc. and we have a lot of options for decorations for each one of these categories.

Why Choose Us?

For the past 15 years, many of our Customers have chosen GM Rejoyz as the best venue for events. Our in-house chefs and in-house decorators have been with us since the beginning. So, you can just imagine how experienced they must be. We have successfully hosted thousands of events since GM Rejoyz function halls were founded. We also have a variety of Chefs to best suit the event and the taste of our Customers.

What is unique about GM Rejoyz?

Our Banquet Halls are Modern and Luxurious with imported interiors which are continuously renovated as per modern designs. Our Hall Lightings are a cherry on top that enhance the look and feel of the venue. If you view our Wedding Package, you will find that many services are being provided at an affordable price which makes it a steal-deal. It doesn't stop at that, most of our customers thank us and our Chefs for making some of the tastiest delicacies that you will find in Bangalore.

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Benefits at our Place and Much More

You can check the feature list below to find out the services that we provide.

We provide multiple services and specialize in most of them.


Our Banquet Halls give a stunning view with an elegant design that suits any kind of event.


We only use the latest Technologies in our Digital Auditorium where any type of event can be hosted


Our Menu can be modified in anyway which makes it truly flexible. Prices vary based on the same.


We offer a lot of different packages for events based on its type. They too are flexible.


If you face any trouble during the event, you can reach out to us and we'll solve it in a minute.


We always clean and sanitize the hall and restrooms before any event and after the event.


We follow all of the Governments COVID-19 Protocol Norms as issued by them.


We also have entertainment services where we host Magic Shows, bring in Singers for live music, etc.


We also help with E-Invitation cards so that our Customers can invite people to their event.

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