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Party Halls for Naming Ceremony

What does a Baby Naming Ceremony indicate?

A new life and a bigger family. We would have made a lot of promises to take care of the baby during the Cradle Ceremony. We need to keep them up.

Why GM Rejoyz for Naming Ceremonies?

Baby Namkaran is one of the best events to celebrate. The ceremony is put together by you. As you go through the choices and select how you want your ceremony, you will be creating a unique event that you and all your guests will remember. We specialize in such events and you will be presented with a wide variety of Decorations.

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Naming Ceremony Packages

We have created a special set of Naming Ceremony Packages for you to choose from. All packages are flexible and can be modified to suit your needs.

New Soul

This is a simple Package for a new born naming ceremony. You will get a big Food Package along with a Cradle and Flower Decoration.

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Be Happy

2 Halls

7 Hours

Food for 80 Guests

Cradle and Flower Decoration

Twin Ceremony

This is a special package for twins. You will get everything in 'New Soul' Package, a bigger Food Menu and 2 Cradles with Flower Decoration.

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Double the fun

2 Bigger Halls

9 Hours

More Food for 150 Guests

Twin Cradle and Flower Decoration

Mega Decor

This package include eveything in 'New Soul' Package. More food for more number of people and a Grand Cradle and Flower Decoration.

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Get Super Excited!

2 Big Halls

10 Hours

More Food for 250 Guests

Grand Cradle and Flower Decoration

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Naming Ceremony Packages