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GM Rejoyz is a stunning set of Banquet Halls and an Auditorium that sits beautifully amidst the lanes of Malleswaram, Bangalore. So, if you’re around this area and search for “Banquet Halls near me” or “Banquet Halls in Malleswaram Bangalore”, this is the first place to show up in Google.


At GM Rejoyz, we have 4 Banquet Halls which are Modern and Luxurious with a capacity to comfortably accommodate from even 50 guests to 300 guests at a time. So, if the event has a floating crowd, it can be suitable for twice the number of guests allowing up to 500 guests for an event. So, even if you’re looking for a mini or small party hall in Malleswaram Bangalore, GM Rejoyz is the best choice.


Be it a Wedding hall, Birthday Party hall, Event hall, or Reception hall, our Banquet Halls cover them all. Our halls are designed in such a way that they can suit any kind of events and celebrations.


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Banquet Hall - 1

This banquet is the smaller hall which can accommodate a floating crowd of 150 guests for any event and is suitable for a small crowd. Seat-wise, it can accommodate up to 90 chairs. When decorated, it is a sight of beauty for the sore eyes.


If the crowd is less than or equal to 30, this hall can be used for both the event and dining which makes it a truly multi-purpose hall.



Banquet Hall - 2

This banquet is usually provided for dining along with Banquet Hall 1 as a complimentary hall. Here, around 50 guests can feast at a time in both Buffet and Plantain Leaf seating arrangements.

Banquet Hall - 3

This Banquet Hall in Malleswaram Bangalore can accommodate a large crowd. Usually provided as a complimentary hall for dining along with Banquet Hall 4. More than 150 guests can dine at a time in this hall. The kitchen is located on this floor so that the serving and refilling the food is done in no time.

Specifications & Amenities:

Banquet with A/C
Seating upto 150
Floating upto 300
Customised to suit any requirement
Dining Hall

The Best Banquet Hall in Malleswaram Bangalore - Galleria (Banquet Hall - 4)

This is our signature Banquet Hall in Malleswaram Bangalore and can accommodate around 250 chairs and a floating crowd up to 500 members. Named as Galleria, this banquet can host grand receptions as it has beautiful lighting and exquisite imported interiors. Most of the events take place in this Hall and all of them have been as planned and very successful.

Specifications & Amenities:

  • Seating up to 250
  • Floating up to 500
  • Central AC
  • Special LED lighting
  • Acoustic treated interior
  • Bar counter / DJ facility
    Smoking Area
  • Green rooms – 2 Nos
  • Stage


The Padmashree Shanta Rao Auditorium is one of the best Auditoriums in Bangalore. It is well-equipped with latest tech and has 125 seats. It was built using modern architecture and is best suited for Film Screening, Seminars, Corporate Training Programmes, Lectures / Workshops, Product Launches, Audio / Film release, Awards / Presentation Events, and Press Meetings / Conferences.

Specifications & Amenities:

125 Seating Capacity
Central AC
Acoustically treat Interiors
Stage height – 18 x 30 x 10 feet. – LBH
DAS inbuilt Audio System
Fixed harkened screen
Projector / control room
2 green rooms linked to stage
Lounge area

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The 3D View of Banquet Hall - 3, 4 & Auditorium

Check out the 3D Walkthrough of GM Rejoyz’s Banquet Halls and Auditorium. It features our Signature Hall – Galleria, Dining Hall and our fully equipped Padmasree Shanta Rao Auditorium.

What our Customers Say:

I really loved this place, I found the overall experience at GM Rejoyz exceptional. There different auditoriums are unique, they cater to all the requirements of the customers. There have a good catering service and over all nice ambiance. I had been here for my friends engagement. I would simply say they are doing a great job. Thanks you for your superb service I looking forward to visiting you more.

GM Rejoyz Testimonials
Preetam Krishnan
Happy Customer

Dear Team, I want to congratulate for given us wonderful arrangements in my programme, everything was spick and span in every department. There was no short comings till end. Food was amazing as expressed by the continue the same procedure u adopted by u .Once again congrats to u and to your team. Finally I should thank the Managing Director Shri. T.G. Mruthyunjaya for his care and concerned to my concert. I thank him whole heartedly. Jai GM Rejoyz.

Murali MK
Repeat Customer

Recently had a family function at GM Rejoyz. Staff were very cooperative and especially the food is very delicious. The booking and the function is completed in very hassle-free way as they were taken care in a timely manner. Well maintained by the authorities to run things smoothly.

Mary Juiliana