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About GM Rejoyz

GM Rejoyz was founded on 11th January 2005 by Shri. T.G. Mruthyunjaya. We are a team of experienced professionals that maintain and manage events that take place at the expansively set building of GM Rejoyz which has 4 Floors that comprise of 4 Banquet halls and an Auditorioum. We have been managing the events that take place at our facility for the past 15 years. Our well experienced chefs have been with us since the beginning and it is because of them that every customer says “The Food was Awesome!” and they have been saying that every time they host an event at our facility. Our team at the banquet hall also offers you with a wide range of services to choose from, each of which would be directed towards ensuring that all your ceremonies are one of a special, one of a kind and don't lack anything, to say the least.

Well, it doesn't stop at this. Apart from extending our event space, we also provide you with the added advantage of an in-house decorator and caterer as well. Our in-house chefs and sous chefs will customise the food menu and bar as per your needs and tastes, and our decorators will tailor your event decor layout as per your whims and fancies. These added benefits are what makes GM Rejoyz one of the most looked up venues when one considers hosting an event in Bangalore.

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