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Looking for Birthday Party Halls in Bangalore?

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Why GM Rejoyz for a Birthday Party?

From mini / small halls, we also have large Banquet halls for a Birthday Party. We provide all kinds of services and this is one of the services that we specialize in. From Birthday Party Decorations, Birthday Party Themes, to Birthday Party ideas, we will present you everything you need to celebrate a Birthday Party.

We have more than 15 years of experience in hosting events and our decorators have been with us since the beginning. So, we will ensure that your Birthday Party at our celebration Hall will be remembered by you forever.

From Cotton Candy Stall, Popcorn Stall, to Magic Shows and specially themed Birthday Cakes, we provide them all.

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You can also proceed with one of our Birthday Party Packages which include a special discount compared to the normal pricing.

The Services provided in our Birthday Packages are shown below:

Note: Our Packages are flexible i.e. if the number of guests you are expecting are less, we will reduce the price based on the Menu Package. Otherwise if the number of guests you are expecting are more, the price will be increased accordingly.

During Booking, the total charges will be based on how many plates (number of guests) you booked for and extra charges if by chance there is an increase in the number of plates during the event.

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Basic Birthday Pacakge

This is the simplest package which covers all aspects of a Birthday. From in-house balloon decoration to in-house catering, we provide all the services.

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Be Simple

2 Halls

7 Hours

Food for 80 Guests

Simple Balloon Decoration

Entertainment Birthday Package

This package includes a lot more services compared to the regular Birthday Package. Food Package is bigger and includes more number of people.

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Be Happy

2 Bigger Halls

10 Hours

More food for 150 Guests

Stage Balloon Decoration

Magic Show

Ultimate Birthday Package

This Package includes everything and is a special treat for Kids. Includes more number of people. It can't get bigger than this.

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Get Excited!

2 Big Halls

10 Hours

Food for 200 Guests

High-end Decoration

Magic Show

Popcorn Stall

Cotton Candy Stall

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