Food Menu - GM Rejoyz

Food Menu – GM Rejoyz

Food Menu at GM Rejoyz

At GM Rejoyz, we offer a lot of different packages with a lot of different choices for each type of item in a package. We have 6 Different Menu's. The price mentioned is the starting price and there are packages with more items at a higher price.

Our South Indian Menu is an exotic cuisine spiced with tamarind, pepper, and cinnamon with the fragrance of curry leaves and coconut. Some of the popular South Indian Items originated in Udupi, Karnataka. This is our Signature Menu which offers a lot of choices that you will not find in most other places

Our North Indian Menu is a specially crafted menu by one of our North Indian Chefs who is known for preparing the tastiest North Indian Food at our venue and other places as well. This is collectively the Cuisine of Northern India which includes items from many states.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Thus, it should be healthy and balanced with dietary nutrients as in our Menu.

Non Veg


Our Non-Veg Menu is specially crafted to act as a major source of protein and Vitamin-B to which Aromatic spices are added for taste.

The wedding shall always be a vegetarian affair, but we have special arrangements for Beegara Outhana so that both the families enjoy a non-vegetarian celebration.

High Tea Menu


The High-Tea menu is meant to nourish ourselves after a long working day.