Auditoriums in Bangalore - GM Rejoyz

Auditoriums in Bangalore – GM Rejoyz

Searching for Auditoriums in Bangalore?

The best Auditorium in Bangalore is GM Rejoyz. If you read the following, you'll know why.

Why GM Rejoyz Auditorium

GM Rejoyz was established on 11th January 2005 including the Auditorium. From then on, many events be it corporate, public, or private have taken place. We've have also hosted the International Film Festival in 2009-2010. Apart from that, BJP conduct their Press Meets / Conferences regularly at our place. Even our Honourable Home Minister Sh. Amit Shah Ji, the then BJP National President has visited our Venue during a Press Conference in 2018. Our in-house Tech which is updated every year, help in making Corporate Training Programmes run smoothly. Many Film and Audio releases have also taken place at GM Rejoyz.

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Features of our Auditorium

As you enter the digital auditorium you will be surprised that such digital auditorium is present inside GM Rejoyz! You will certainly like the grand entrance with traditional painting & lounge area, comfortable seating with reverberating Dolby sound.

Our Auditorium measures 18 x 30 x 10 feet - LBH with a Fixed Harkened Screen along with a Projector

Our Auditorium also has a DAS inbuilt Audio System with a performance acclaimed by the entire world.

We have a separate room opposite the stage that can be used for Projection and other control requirements

We have a Lounge outside and two rooms behind the Auditorium connected to the stage.

Our Pacakges

We are offering exciting Packages for you to host your events in our Auditorium

Basic Package

This Package is a basic one. You'll get to use the Auditorium for a Significant amount of time. It is more than enough to host an event which includes Coffee/Tea.

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Be Simple

125 Seater

10 Hours

Mic & Speaker




Flexible Pacakge with Flexible Timings

High Powered Package

This Package is best for Coporate Trainings and Presentations. It gives you access to our Projector along with Mic & Speakers.

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Be Powerful

125 Seater

12 Hours

Mic & Speaker

Coffee/Tea twice




Flexible Package with Flexible Timings

Fashion Show Package

This package is best suited for Fashion Shows. It includes an LED Wall along with Colorful Lighting. Every aspect can be modified.

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Be Classy

125 Seater

12 Hours

Coffee/Tea & Snacks

LED Wall

Stage for Ramp Walk

Flexible Package with Flexible Timings

Mic, Speaker, and Podium

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Name of our Auditorium

Our Auditorium is named as "Padma Shri Shanta Rao Auditorium". Shanta Rao (1930 - 28 December 2007) was a notable dancer, well-renowned in India. She was an exponent of Bharatanatyam and also studied Kathakali and Kuchipudi. GM Rejoyz Auditorium and Banquets had the honour of showcasing her last performance when she was seventy-three. In her memory we at GM Rejoyz are honoured to have renamed our digital auditorium.